Caribbean Estates has a beautiful and peaceful nature surrounding the estate. One can spot monkeys, birds and small species of buck. Walking among the beach Wild Dolphins riding in the waves could also be spotted if one concentrates on the Ocean.

Located only a few kilometers from Caribbean Estates, the Umtamvuna Nature Reserve is a must, it covers some 3250 hectares and lies along 25 kilometers of the river. There trails for walkers of varying degrees of ease and severity.

Apart from the countless varieties of wild flowers and grasses, there are various small mammals, including bushbabies, Samango and Vervet monkeys, Chacma baboons, Red hares, Clawless otters, Mongooses and spotted Genets.

Large nocturnal predators such as Black-backed jackal and Servals hunt rodents in the grasslands. Some of the buck you may see are Blue duiker, Oribi and Bushbuck; and after dark the common Duiker and Reedbuck could be seen.

Tony Abbott from the Reserve’s publication quoted the following: “The magic of hidden waterfalls, of staggeringly beautiful cliffs of curious colours and fantastic formations, the views over grassland to gorge and sea beyond, the blaze of colour as the grasslands burst into spring flowers … a complete peace: all this and more is here to tempt you”.